Special Applications

We don’t lock out our special customers from the agriculture, firefighting, and road safety sectors. We have their issues and problems in check. We offer spare parts and other products used in the above sectors. In our store, you will find quality electric cables and PU products.

We boast of being the ultimate solution to your problems. We provide the best quality in terms of durability and reliability of our products. Trust us to give you what you need as we have it just for you. Our special products for special sectors will offer quality services for long as it is proof fro customers who have bought from us.

Agriculture & Heavy Machinery

Are you in the agricultural sector and seek parts for your heavy machinery? We will provide you with the best quality parts for your heavy machinery. We offer heavy machinery parts for a wide range of customers. If you own a tractor and want a replacement part, then you can be assured of finding that […]

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Road Safety Equipments

We value your safety on the road. With our dedicated engineers, we are able to manufacture quality road safety equipment according to road safety standards. If you are looking for road barricades or connectors, we have all these with us. . Also, we have speed bump stoppers breakers to provide safety on the road. Every […]

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PU Products

If you own a trailer or a truck, then you know that you need to shop for quality trailer and truck parts. We have you covered on that part. Our PU products will come with different designs, shape, size and also materials used to make them. You can have faith in our products as they […]

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Fire Fighting and Safety

Firefighting is not a light task. It requires heavy and reliable equipment that will help the firefighter to perform their duties diligently. That’s why we provide the best quality fire extinguisher boxes. These boxes are not only easy to carry but also durable to hold the fire extinguisher. We also provide quality hose reels that […]

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